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The possibilities in this industry are endless, with potential applications in the healthcare, fashion, and many other areas.

Videos are evolving to form an integral part of the marketing strategies of most brands. We expect that 2018 will see a huge growth in the usage of video.

This trend has been evident over the past few years- noticed how the biggies like Entrepreneur, Inc, Forbes etc have videos on almost all their posts?

Much more brands are jumping on the video marketing bandwagon.

And we aren't just talking about video product descriptions. Video will become one of the major channels for both content marketing and advertising.

For starters, you can use tools like Lumen5 to create simple videos like this one, which you can use for both branding and driving traffic:

While Jeff Bezos's net worth became huge news last year, Amazon is poised for much more explosive growth in the coming years, as they execute their plan to introduce one of the most robust display advertising networks in the world.

Take a look at Amazon's product line:

From Twitch TV, Audible, Prime, Kindle, Amazon Home Services, Alexa, Prime day (more on why this a product line later), and the Dash button, to the Echo.

Get the gist?

These are not just products. They're marketing channels and advertising platforms. They've already begun to advertise on Echo and Alexa and the Dash button is a perfect example of their plan to foray into the advertising space.

Wondering how to get involved?

Start by creating your own set of Skills for your brand.

And what's is an Alexa Skill?

Skill is simply content that you can market through voice search gadgets like Alexa and Echo.

Amazon allows brands to create engaging skills and reach customers through the millions of Alexa-enabled devices using the Amazon Skills kit .

The usage of cryptocurrencies is increasing at an alarming rate.

If this trend continues, and if the current hurdles such as transaction fees and block volume that bottleneck the adoption of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as a payment option are overcome, ecommerce transactions will change forever in 2018.

Crypto payment processors like Bitpay and Chainpay have already begun offering integrations for ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce, and this trend will continue, and more processors will begin to offer integrations for ecommerce platforms. We've covered how to set up Bitcoin payments on ecommerce stores here:

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin and Blockchain in Ecommerce

And as the usage spikes, crypto enthusiasts will start paying with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum.

And just these- developers have begun to develop promising open source decentralized ecommerce business models on blockchain technologies like Ethereum that allow the creation of applications.

This area is definitely worth paying attention to for ecommerce marketers.

As such, moderation is a complex balancing act, not unlike the art of walking along a thin wire or rope. The cover of my latest book, Faces of Moderation: The Art of Balance in an Age of Extremes (2016), features a funambulist. A tightrope walker needs many things to avoid falling: skills, training, patience, determination, vision, courage, art, foresight and intuition. He or she can neither go backward nor stand still. The only possible direction is forward. For that, he or she must have a vision of the final destination and never lose sight of it, while paying due attention to every step, knowing that each miscalculation can be fatal.

An able politician, I believe, resembles a good funambulist: he or she needs balance in all respects, must be prudent, alert and quick to react, and should have good intuition and a sense of direction. He or she must also have the courage to swim against the current when needed, and should always demand that the other side can also be heard on any controversial topic. The opposite is the person who knows the answers even before any questions are asked, someone who is not interested in listening, and divides the world between the forces of the good and those of evil, between friends and enemies. We have too many examples of these self-righteous spirits in our age of growing immoderation. To successfully fight against them, it is high time that we rediscover a virtue – moderation – in which, as David Hume put it so well in the 1750s, ‘we are most likely to meet with truth and certainty’. Moderation can be a successful fighting creed that keeps the dialogue open with all those who are committed to preserving the basic values of our democratic society.

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Aurelian Craiutu

is professor of political science and adjunct professor of American studies at Indiana University in Bloomington. His most recent book is (2016). He lives in Bloomington.
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Las escrituras védicas también recogen un diliuvio

El mito cristiano y judaico por antonomasia describe el Edén y su paradisíaco jardín, elegido por Dios para que hubiera vivido en una felicidad perfecta de no haber desobedecido sus órdenes. Este mito incendió la imaginación de aventureros y exploradores , que durante mucho tiempo le otorgaron credibilidad. Pero se repite en otras creencias: la mitología sumeria describe el reino del dios Enki, que creó a los humanos en un vergel para luego, decepcionado, proceder a su expulsión. Y el mito, con variaciones, es mencionado numerosas veces en el Corán.Lo comparten las siguientes religiones: cristianismo, judaísmo, cultor mesopotámicos y el islam.

Este mito incendió la imaginación de aventureros y exploradores

Del fin del mundo al cielo...

Mitos escatológicos

Los cristianos asocian el fin de los tiempos con la parusía, la segunda venida de Cristo (precedido por el Anticristo). En el budismo, el personaje encargado de iniciar una era e paz tras el desastre es Maitreya, mientras que los judíos esperan al Mesías que reconstruirá el Templo de Jerusalén . El mito tiene eco también en religiones paganas: el Ragnarök es la temida batalla del fin del mundo para los nórdicos.Lo comparten las siguientes religiones: budismo, hinduísmo, islam, cristianismo, judaísmo, mitología nórdica.

El cielo

El cielo es uno de los pilares de la mitología cristiana, pero está presente asimismo en muchas religiones paganas. Es el Mictlan de los aztecas y para los griegos era el Olimpo , donde habitaban sus dioses, y también el Elíseo, morada final de los más afortunados. El equivalente al Olimpo para los nórdicos era Asgard , y sus valientes guerreros muertos en combate ascendían al Valhalla.Lo comparten las siguientes religiones: cristianismo, mitología griega, cultos mesoamericanos, mitología nórdica.

#Mitología #Religión

La maldición de Tutankhamon

5 objetos muy adelantados a su tiempo

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Las guerras más sangrientas de la Historia

Amenazados por las purgas de Stalin

El compositor Dmitri Shostakóvich estuvo a punto de ser represaliado por Stalin por salirse de lo...

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